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Membership is the Official Website of Canadian Nanny Association, therefore, called Home of Nannies and Caregivers.

Canadian Nanny Association, is a Non-Profilt Nanny and Caregiver Support Organization, it is set up primarly for the purpose of serving our nannies and caregivers at home and abroad.

Canadian Nanny Association is also the Accreditation Organization ever since 2002, to provide Accreditation Services for Live-in Caregiver Training Institutions in countries such courses are conducted. Canadian Nanny Association is an Industry Leader in accreditating LCP Training Institutions anywhere in the world.

Canadian Nanny Association, is headquarted in Toronto, ON Canada. with its delegates and agents worldwide to assist in our accredited LCP training institutions, also called ATFs - "Accredited Training Facility", to conduct LCP training courses in accordance with the Canadian Industry Standards, and also the Standards and Rules set by Canadian Immigration Authority.

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